Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Nostalgia in NoLita || Retro 50's with Heart My Closet

It's nostalgia in Nolita with midcentury pastels, petticoats & cat-eyes!  Heart My Closet designs the most original vintage-inspired frocks, and I've had so much fun with diner-like pieces like today's button up dress.  Pietro NoLita made an adorable retro backdrop, and one of my favorite bagel shops is right next door!

Sponsored by Heart My Closet

{Lady Jane Vintage brooch, earrings, hat, bag & gloves  // Pinup Girl Clothing shoes}

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Follies Off Duty || Secrets in Lace 30's Glamour

Today's look is a sequel to my Champagne & Ivory post!  In another powdery pale 30's look with Secrets in Lace lingerie, I added feathers, glitter, & specks of gold & silver.  When I was a teen I was embarrassed about being pale, but I've learned to embrace and enhance it in ways that work with my aesthetic.  One thing I love about vintage style and glamour, is that it is inclusive to every single skin color - all women look stunning with classic glamour.

Speaking of classic glamour, this is exactly what Secrets in Lace is all about, and one of the reasons it is my favorite source of lingerie and stockings!  Inspired by Ziegfeld's Follies, I draped myself in metal-like shades of soft gold and silver, with dashes of sheer noir & pom poms.  I would consider this an "off duty look" ... an undergarment look, but of course with maximum glam.

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
Coquette Satin Bullet Bra
Satin Full Brief
Elizabeth OB Girdle
Pretty Petti Slip
Elegance French Heel Stockings

{Pom Pom Hair Clips // Unique Vintage capelet // Royal Vintage shoes // Niccoco Creations veil // Ostrich Feathers // Ceci Punch earrings // Mac Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Metallics  in 'crowned // Urban Decay eyeliner // NYX Cosmetics eye glitter & glitter primer}

 Love from New York City 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Skincare || Current Top 10 Mario Badescu Products

Mario Badescu has completely changed my outlook on skincare.  I not only have seen amazing results, but my beauty routine is now a luxury and something I look forward to!  Each season I like to refresh my rotation and update my routine to fit my current needs.  Here are the products I am loving for summer, and currently use on a regular basis.

Wow!  I can't believe I just discovered this mask.  It is my new go-to, especially for summer.  As I mentioned before, I have combination skin leaning toward the oily side, with some problematic pores.  This mask immediately makes me skin look so smooth, and my pores minimized.  During these humid summer days I find my skin extra oily, and I always use this mask when I'm feeling breakouts or congestion.  It is a life-saver!  I'm equally loving the Orange Tonic Mask, which I've found similar results!

I know I'm not alone on this, everyone loves the rosewater spray!  Since my last MB review, I have found a thousand more uses for this amazing product.  Here are some:

* Spray all over my body when I get out of the shower for a boost of vitamins.
* Spray on my face right after washing, before applying moisturizer.  This allows me to sneak in the healthy herbs, and give my skin more vibrance once makeup is on.
* Spray my eyeliner pots and other makeup products once they have dried out - this allows them to apply completely smooth again.
* Spray on my face after moisturizing in the evening, at the very end of my skincare routine.  This makes my skin feel extra smooth.
* As a guard against acne.
* As a cooling agent during the hottest summer days - it is the perfect water alternative, as it actually has skin benefits while cooling!
* As therapy - the smell alone awakens my senses and brightens my mood.

Not only is this scrub a pretty as can be, it leaves my skin sooooo smooth after using!  Like the description says, "real strawberry seeds and cornmeal gently buff away dry skin and dulling, dead skin cells - leaving skin softer, smoother, and refreshed.  I love the fact that this exfoliant is very light so you can use more than once a week, but still so effective!

A tried and true mainstay for me.  I've tried other cleansers and just keep coming back to this one - very best for my skin type.

Helps with skin texture and skin tone!  I use this every other night.

Perfect and refreshing for summer, but I truly love all of the MB body cleansers!

Most SPF moisturizers cause too much oiliness for me, but this one does not at all!  In the summer I wear this every single day under my makeup, and it is never greasy!  Being SPF-obsessed, I love combining this with my SPF serums and SPF foundation.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this unassuming moisturizer, and it turns out that it's simplicity truly is the best part!  It is so lightweight, doesn't clog pores, and a tiny bit goes a long way.  I was truly amazed at how soft and bright my face appears after applying!  Whenever I plan to be home or indoors during the day (not needing my thick sunscreen) I am so happy to use this!

I've been using this now for almost a year and it is still my favorite night cream!  The texture spreads so smoothly, and then when it is absorbed, my skin is incredibly soft!

I've tried several astringents and toners, and this is still my go-to!  I love how it balances my shine, but without drying me out.  It has also helped with skin tone and brightness!

 Love from New York City