Monday, January 5, 2015

Glamour in Green || Elochka Custom 1950's Taffeta Gown


Happy 2015!  I'm excited to have this incredible handmade 1950's gown by Elochka to kick off my official outfits posts of the new year!  Ela Siromascenko is the brilliant designer behind Elochka... her collections are vintage-inspired handmade pieces that absolutely blow me away, including this Sofia dress.  She made this custom for me from a stunning green taffeta fabric, and it's accented by a velvet ribbon with a handmade flower of Swarovski crystals.  I was absolutely speechless when I slipped into this gown... it transforms me into a world that I want to live and never escape.  I've never had a dress quite so special!  I am in love with the 1950's design and then coupled with the elegance and luxury of high quality custom, I feel a bit like Elizabeth Taylor floating about in this dream garment.  Ela's vision and aesthetic aligns so beautifully with my style, and I adore how she celebrates femininity and glamour with her handmade collections.  Visit her shop here, and have a dress made for yourself... I believe every glamour-loving girl needs to enjoy a timeless custom piece like the Sofia!


Dress :: Elochka
Stockings :: Silkies
Shoes :: Similar
Opera Gloves :: Similar {& dreaming of these!}


  1. Thanks for your lovely blog !
    And happy new year !

  2. it's beautiful! love the deep rich color. happy new year!

  3. Gorgeous green dress!


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