Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rooftop Boudoir || Ruffles, Bustle, & Fuzzy Marabous


There are a lot of girly details in today's rooftop boudoir look, but they pack quite the punch when paired with my new custom overbust corset by Morua Designs.  As I told my Instagram followers, I am now lacing at 21 inches, and thanks to Morua I'm feeling light as air in the process.  I've realized that cinching my waist is uninhibited by hip discomfort or little discrepancies that sometimes are present in an off the rack corset, as this corset is made to fit all those curves perfectly.  So I'm discovering that my waist actually has a larger capacity to cinch than I had realized, as 21 inches feels nice and easy.  Here I paired it with my new Wheels & Dollbaby Boudoir Hot Pants which are an amazing limited edition piece by designer Melanie Greensmith, and currently on sale!  It is one of my new favorite items in my closet... the lace, ruffled chiffon, and vintage-inspired boudoir bustle in the back - not to mention the stretch satin wears so comfortably!  It's a kitten-like boudoir piece, a sassy nighttime look, or an everyday spring/summer piece... I know I'll be wearing it constantly.  For today's rooftop lounging look, I topped off the glamour with these Unique Vintage timeless Satin Marabou Slip-Ons - a necessity in every glamour-loving girl's wardrobe.


Corset :: Morua
Hot Pants :: Wheels & Dollbaby
Stockings :: Silkies
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Fascinator :: Niccoco Creations


  1. You look stunning! And lacing at 21" sounds amazing and insane at the same time! But I'm so glad it's not uncomfortable for you! That corset really does fit you perfectly!

  2. Your style, corset and those slippers....... Please keep up your lovely work!


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