Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unique Vintage Style Society for #IAMUNIQUE Campaign


I am so honored to announce that I was selected as one of the bloggers that make up the Style Society for Unique Vintage in the launch of their #IAMUNIQUE Campaign.  As a modern day pinup, if there is one concept that I live each and every day... it's the fact that my style is very different than how the average American dresses.  It's freeing to know myself so well, that my style fully encompasses "me" and makes me unique.  It seems that it's so easy in today's world to become another android in a sea of robots.  We constantly hear the words "be yourself, be an individual" but in reality, media and trends so often tend to rule majority thinking.  It's almost as though actually thinking for yourself becomes weird or crazy.  Robin Williams was quoted saying "You're only given a little spark of madness.  You musn't lose it."  Furthermore, within the pinup world we are even still all so unique... defined by our personalities, interests, inspirations, and unique characteristics.  Unique Vintage embraces these individualities among us all and celebrates the expression of these unique differences.... all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and personal passions.   I'm so happy to share my first Unique Vintage outfit in partnership of this very special campaign, with the 1950's Halter Swing Dress and To Die For Purse!  Be sure to read all about #iamunique and use the hashtag to join the community and inspire with your unique individuality.



Dress :: Unique Vintage 
Handbag :: Unique Vintage 


  1. Gorgeous dress!

  2. wow..amazing style and so so sexy.........

  3. Just discovered your blog! Hot dang, your style is so striking. Femme fatale indeed ;)


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