Thursday, February 19, 2015

Madame X || Dita Von Teese Lingerie Review


"The most prolific women in fashion are not 'of the moment.'  They dare to be different and have distinctive style that does not change from season to season, it only evolves."  Dita Von Teese has had a big impact on my views about style, and she continues to be a significant inspiration.  She always stands out amongst celebrities, and she has taught me and so many other ladies that we too can proudly embrace our love for glamour, even when the rest of the world sometimes embraces a sloppy, baggy, unkept, "natural" aesthetic.  Because of her, I actually feel so free being one of the select few ladies in a crowd who adores being put together and done up, with a nod to the classics - the way women used to love glamour.

This is why a collaboration with Dita Von Teese's Von Follies lingerie is such an honor for me.  I was completely enchanted by the sexy yet sleek look of Madame X, and absolutely delighted to find that it's actually also one of the most comfortable bras I own!  There is no underwire and yet still an enormous amount of support, even for a larger busted lady like me.  She recently released a wider range of sizes, and as a curvy femme I'm simply in love with every aspect of the Madame X set.  Besides it's sexy design and comfortable construction, I also love it's classic shape!  There's a hint to the bullet bra with partial foam-lined cups that almost naturally extend out in a subtle structured cone form.  The entire design seems to combine vintage glamour with a distinctive, unique blend.  The Madame X set is my new favorite, and I highly recommend it.  You can find it at Bare Necessities, Bloomingdales, and ASOS.

Garter Belt :: Agent Provocateur 
Wasp Corset :: Orchard Corset
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Coat :: Collectif


  1. You look fabulous in all of the photos above! I'm sure you would also look fabulous photographed showcasing almost any lingerie collection. My own tastes run toward classic vintage and retro style full coverage briefs. Whilst perusing full briefs online I noticed your name mentioned - I think it was either on the website of or I was wondering how you would rate these brands and Dita's lines in comparison to styles like Dollhouse Bettie's Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties. What are your feelings about Dita's lines versus classic full coverage styles?

  2. I'm in love with that bra and so bummed out it doesn't come in my size!

  3. I'm in love with that bra and so bummed that it doesn't come in my size!


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