Monday, February 9, 2015

Silk & French Lace || Angela Friedman Iris Robe


Decadence with a hint of cool... that's how I would describe this incredible handmade silk robe by the brilliant Angela Friedman.  It has a smoking jacket feel which makes this robe so classy and mysterious, yet it's sprinkled with exquisite french lace details.  Angela Friedman's aesthetic is actually inspired partly by her work for the New York City Ballet, producing stunning details and an overall feminine and opulent feeling.  I'm so in love with her vision, and you absolutely must indulge in one of her luxurious pieces if you love glamour as much as I do.  A city rooftop backdrop was today's setting to match the dramatic elegance of my Iris Robe.



Stockings :: Agent Provocateur
Garter Belt {and set} :: Agent Provocateur


  1. Wow, you look perfect! Love your style :)

  2. So sexy look, I like the blue lace, fashion and charming.

  3. Great pics with a very sexy woman. It was taken on one of the Chicago schools roof?


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