Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow || Dotted Coat & Forest Green


When I lived in San Diego, I always dreamed of snow.  During the holidays and winter I would be living in the same weather every single day year round.  There's something in me that wished for a little danger... a snow storm, even a rain storm, but mostly the beauty of a world covered in white and the chance to wear Fall wools, tartan, tweed, faux furs, and beautiful coats.  If it were winter year round, I would definitely crave spring and summer - I just really love living through all the seasons.  Life feels more complete.  Although I was always unsure of how difficult it would be to get around in Chicago with all the snow, and living in a suburb before moving to the city did prove to have some challenges.  When we moved to the city center, we sold our car and we've NEVER been happier!  I live in an old craftsman skyrise, and wearing an outfit like you see here is unbelievably easy.  I step outside of my door and into my Uber, and then right to my destination (often a cozy cafe to savor a warm drink :)  There is no warming up the car, shoveling my driveway, looking for parking, paying for parking... and with Uber's amazing options, it's really not much cheaper to take PT so life is pretty grand!  I get to just enjoy the snow and continue to wear my favorite outfits, occasionally changing into boots and running through the snow with my dog because how could I not when surrounded by 18 inches of snow?!


Sweater :: Pollypop
Sunglasses :: Unique Vintage
Coat :: Oasap
Top :: Wheels & Dollbaby
Skirt :: Old, but similar herehere & love this one too
Earrings :: Oasap
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Stockings :: Silkies
Bag :: Similar
Shoes :: Similar


  1. So beautiful!!! That pencil skirt is gorgeous!!!

  2. You look so amazing! I don't know how anyone manages to look chic in the snow. I can suddenly hear my grandmother though: put on your scarf! lol.

  3. living in hawaii, i get excited during hurricane season, lol! i know what you mean about longing for "winter" or some change of season. beautiful pics.

  4. You look beautiful. That pencil skirt is stellar!


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