Monday, March 2, 2015

Glamorous Boredom || 1950's Blue Velvet Vintage Halter Dress


1950's movies with Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Betty Grable, and so many more always have me thinking that the 50's just might possibly be the best era for clothes.  You all know that I'm probably mainly a pencil dress kind of girl, but I can't resist a beautiful swing dress either... like this halter from Blue Velvet Vintage!  This shade of light green is such a gorgeous soft color, and the fabric is made of the softest cotton.  Blue Velvet Vintage not only carries stunning vintage reproduction pieces, but also many top quality authentic vintage items... it is a gem!  Using my own vintage decor in a setting of my own 1920's built apartment,  I had fun creating somewhat of a "1950's housewife pinup" theme ... more on the spoiled side rather than scrubbing floors - glamorous boredom, in a way. :)


Scarf :: Vintage
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Stockings :: Agent Provocateur
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Earrings :: Unique Vintage
Pinup Hardcover Book :: The Great American Pinup
Decanters :: Pottery Barn
All Other Decor :: Vintage


  1. Your pinup photos are fabulous! I love the back-seamed Agent Provocateur stockings and the white petticoat. Was that from Blue Velvet Vintage? That swing dress is pretty too as are the earrings from Unique Vintage.


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