Friday, March 6, 2015

Hitchcock Blonde || Wheels & Dollbaby for Pink Bow City


A few months back I mentioned I've been given a full spread in the latest issue of Pink Bow City, and with the copy on it's way I wanted to share each look with you!  Being a lover of Hitchcock films, I was inspired by the blonde bombshells he often used as victims... they always had just the perfect figure-enhancing outfits and all the right accessories.  I took this concept and added a little bit of darkness for the mystery of his suspense themes, and styled an all-black ensemble wearing one of my very favorite brands, Wheels & Dollbaby.  The top was the sensual Malibu Lace Irma and I paired it with the stunning Irma La Douce Pencil Skirt.  All styling, MUAH, and written article are by me, while the photographer is my talented husband.  My 2 page spread is featured in the 16th issue and available for purchase here.

As you know, I post styled photoshoots every Monday and Wednesday.  I'm happy to announce I'll now be posting on Fridays as well, beginning with my 3 looks for Pink Bow City.  After so many questions and requests for information on my waist training journey, I decided it's time to officially begin regular posts.  Beginning March 27th, every Friday will be dedicated to corsets!



Gloves :: Prada {similar}


  1. Amazing outfit. I love the buttoned skirt.
    Looking forward to your friday-posts, sure I can learn a lot.


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