Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aquatic Rococo || Buckingham Fountain Art Deco + Pinup Girl Flamenco

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In continuing my staycation adventures, I wanted to visit Grant Park in South Loop.  It's an absolutely amazing place to walk among history and beautiful original architecture and monuments, and I really hadn't spent much time there before.  Buckingham Fountain was sadly not turned on while I was there, so I plan to go back for another photoshoot when it's filled with water.  It was still fun to marvel at it's design - modeled in Rococo style and inspired by the Latona Basin at Versailles, it was built in 1927!  It's also twice the size than it's French counterpart, and dazzles with a beautiful water show every hour when it is in operation.  What I also love is it's Chicago/Lake Michigan significance - it was also inspired by Lake Michigan conveying the enormity of the lake, with it's giant lower basin featuring four sets of Art Deco style sea horses representing the four states bordering Lake Michigan. Upon discovering this artistic aquatic reference, I realized that my outfit could not have paired more perfectly!  Wearing the Pinup Girl Clothing Flamenco Mermaid Skirt and seafoam green Voodoo Vixen Top, I felt just like a mermaid among the whimsical Late Baroque depiction of the lake.

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Top :: Voodoo Vixen via Pinup Girl Clothing 
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Gloves :: Light in the Box

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