Friday, April 17, 2015

Corset Friday || Morua Custom Overbust Corset

Today's corset is a custom overbust by Morua Designs!  I previously reviewed this beauty in this post and included additional information about her amazing work/shop here.  One question I've been hearing again and again is whether or not I wear a tank top under my corsets to protect my skin/the corset.  I do so every time I'm waist training at home, but most dresses I wear have necklines that don't allow for the camisole to be hidden so I usually don't wear a layer under my corset when leaving the house.  I haven't found very much discomfort in doing so, and the corset lines personally do not bother me when I take off my corset in the evening.  However I do spend quite a bit of time waist training at home, so I'm not wearing corsets directly on my skin every single day.  

Another question I receive quite often, is whether I'm forced to breath differently when wearing a corset.  When I first started wearing corsets, I remember feeling quite a change in every way and I wasn't sure how I would get used to it.  After a over a year of wearing corsets, it feels like second nature and I don't notice any difference in my breathing at all.  Lung capacity is in fact reduced when wearing corsets, so it is advised that you do not do any high energy activities or exercise.  Walking at a normal pace is completely fine however -  I walk quite a bit around the city, and I don't have any problems at all.  Also, I've found that today's custom corset and the Orchard Corset CS-201 Mesh Waspie are least obstructive and the most comfortable for mobility!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here for a new outfit post as always on Monday!

Corset :: Morua
Knicker Hot Pants :: Wheels & Dollbaby
Stockings :: What Katie Did
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie
iPhone Case :: Ted Baker
Garter Belt :: Agent Provocateur

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