Friday, April 3, 2015

Corset Friday || OC 301 & Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte Set

I received a great response from my first Corset Friday and I'm excited for all that I have in store to share with you all!  Today's post highlights actually another wasp, the Orchard Corset Satin CS-301.  This corset is a beautiful design and I always feel so glamorous when wearing it.  It's smaller shape is more mobile than full-length corsets, making it easier to bend and move around.  Unfortunately I can't usually wear this corset more than a 3 hours, because my waist to hip ratio is pretty high.  So the corset ends up digging into my hips a bit and they start to feel sore after a while.  The great thing about corsets is that there are so many different types, and each corset in my closet serves a purpose.  So I've found it's great to collect a range of corsets and pull out a different style depending on how long I'll be out, what I'll be wearing it for etc.  For example, the 201 Mesh which I reviewed in my previous Friday post, I would wear when I need to wear a corset for a long period of time or in heat, because it is breathable and comfortable.  Today's corset, I would wear for short periods of time when I need to bend and move more.  Or I would even consider wearing it in a creative way that shows it off for a short event, because it's so pretty!  

I thought this would be a great opportunity to also showcase some new lingerie, this amazing limited edition Jacquotte set from Kiss Me Deadly - also made of satin and was a perfect pair for this wasp.  Hidden among a feminine floral, is a pattern of deadly weapons... guns, knives and whips!  I'm so in love with the feminine & femme fatale mixture of it's colors and pattern.

Lastly, I'm happy to begin answering some questions I've been receiving!  One question I receive a lot, is regarding corset wearing/training as a diet method.  Wearing corsets in and of itself does not make you lose weight and I don't wear corsets for any sort of diet purpose.  Popular celebrities seem to recently advertise "corset training" but many times they are wearing a cincher which does not have real steel bones, and therefore is not even a corset.  I wear corsets because I love the classic hourglass shape, and a cinched waist is very important to me to maintain my style and the look that I love most.  I fell absolutely in love with the shapes of women on movies from past eras, so my look is very much inspired by the past.  One additional important aspect is how their clothes and dresses fit their hourglass shape, and for this reason I have almost all of my clothing altered to showcase my cinched waist.  So essentially, corsets move your "floating ribs" temporarily - they do not redistribute fat, burn fat, or 'push' fat anywhere.  The only way in which a corset could aid in weight loss, is the fact that it's difficult and also not recommended to eat large meals when wearing a corset.  So if you happen to be an extreme waist trainer - which I am not, then wearing your corset for 8-12 hours will essentially encompass all of your meals and you would eat less.  I personally do not do this.  I put on my corset after a normal size breakfast, then I eat a lighter lunch while my corset is on, and then I usually take it off before dinner unless I'm going out to eat or to an event.  As always, these are just my own personal experiences and what I do.  For more in depth topics about corsets, be sure to visit Lucy's Corsetry.  

Brief :: Kiss Me Deadly
Earrings :: Oasap

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