Friday, April 24, 2015

Corset Friday || OC CS-426 Satin Longline


Lately I've been wearing my CS-426 a lot for days I want a nice smooth even curve.  I usually do not waist train at home in this corset, because it is very long and has less mobility than shorter corsets.  I usually wear it when going out, under dresses since it is so smooth.  While most corsets have an unavoidable "back fat" line, this corset does not!  You've seen it a few times under and over clothes - my favorite pairing was with my sheer cashmere dress, as pictured above.  I love how it is so long that it almost looks like a long bodice or girdle - it's clean and classic.  Be sure to watch the product video with instructions on how to see if your torso is long enough to purchase this style.

I've received a lot of questions lately on my own waist training progress, and whether I've sized down further.  I recently had a minor sickness that prevented me from wearing a corset for about a week, and then I had a few obligations that added to the difficulty in wearing a corset, so I have not been consistent in wearing a corset for around a month.  I still can lace down to 22 inches, but I will definitely not be pushing myself to lace any further for a while as my body adjusts back to wearing corsets.  I'm happy to see that after wearing corsets off and on for over a year, my body is maintaining it's ability to lace down very well.

Bow Top - Wheels & Dollbaby, Corset - Orchard Corset

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