Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden Gala || UV 1950's Nude & White Polka Dot Dress


Spring is beginning to bloom here in the city, and it's a beautiful reminder that another new lovely season is just beginning to awaken newness in our lives again.  One of my favorite new traditions since leaving San Diego is rotating my garments and experiencing change ... looking forward to the changing seasons is one of my very favorite things!  I just barely tucked away my wool dresses and coats, and I couldn't think of a more perfect dress for celebrating warm weather than this gorgeous 1950's Garden State Dress from the Unique Vintage Garden Gala Spring Collection.  It exudes 1950's femininity in every last detail, and I feel absolutely amazing in it.  In true pinup form, I decided to style the sleeves off-shoulder, and loved the authenticity of vintage glamour this resembled.  I drew inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor and Doris Day in many of her 1950's films, and paired this dress with Kate Spade lace overlay kitten slingbacks.  For this set we highlighted the elegant charm of Gold Coast's neighborhood streets.  It's like a glamorous 'suburbia' right in the middle of a big city!

Dress :: Unique Vintage
Shoes :: Kate Spade {in pink here}
Bag :: Stuart Weitzman {love this UV bag too}
Earrings :: Unique Vintage


  1. Wow, this is simply stunning! I love the delicate fabric and the off-the-shoulders style.

  2. Such a pretty dress!

  3. Such a great dress! I own one also, and feel so feminine in it. You look stunning in it!


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