Monday, May 11, 2015

Cherries & Lace || Spring in Millenium Park


During spring and summer, I never like having to put on sunscreen - and a pinup must be sure to keep her porcelain complexion from the sun's rays!  So lately I've been toting around feminine parasols like today's lace lovely.  It's the perfect way to stay stylish and feminine while adding a little extra element of solar protection.  Blooming Millennium Park was the perfect location to showcase my new Heart of Haute classic cherry Sweetie Dress.  I also have this dress in the red gingham print and it is one of my favorite dress styles I've ever owned!  I tend to gravitate toward a pencil silhouette but what I love about this swing-style design, is the classic cinched waist and true waist placement.  I usually dislike how many reproduction swing dresses hit above the waist, creating a more empire shape - and are often not as cinched as I like.  Even though I alter all of my dresses to fit my extreme corseted waist, I only had to alter the Sweetie Dress very slightly!  It has such a classic fit, accentuating the waistline as true to the authenticity of vintage eras.  Not to mention, the perfect sweetheart neckline and perfect prints.  Speaking of Heart of Haute, I've been lusting after this beautiful Milan Dress in "Cinderella" print.... The color and subtle sparkling damask detailing are just too much!

I feel like every big city has it's classic manicured park... New York has Central Park, Rome has Villa Borghese, and we have Millennium Park - which has a rich history of it's own.  It used to be the Illinois Central Railway, housing ICR locomotives since 1852!

IMG_6663 (1)
Dress :: Heart of Haute & check out Milan too!
Parasol :: Feelmaker
Handbag :: Tatyana via Unique Vintage
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie
Earrings :: Unique Vintage


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