Friday, May 22, 2015

Corset Friday || OC 201 Mesh + FAQs

Kiss Me Deadly Robe from Yurei Boutique, Corset from Orchard Corset, Hair Flower from Deviously Sweet Designs

I recently reviewed the Orchard Corset CS-201 Mesh Waspie in beige here but I wanted you to see how beautiful it looks in black as well!  I love the way my skin shows through, such a unique take on the classic corset.  I paired it with this glamorous purple Kiss Me Deadly robe from Yurei Boutique.... you'll be seeing more of this robe soon, so stay tuned!  Speaking of skin peeking through, I have been receiving a lot of repeated questions lately so I thought I would spend today's post answering some of these for you!
* Are corsets comfortable to wear?  

Let me start by saying that corsets should never hurt.  I see many comments on photos of corset-wearers like, "Wow, that looks painful" or "ouch" etc.  If your corset is causing you pain, then you are doing something wrong.  I too used to think that corsets were all about excruciating pain and forcing your body into the shape you want... this could not be further from the truth.  I don't feel any pain, and in fact corsets have become almost like a second skin - especially when I'm out and about.  The key is to never cinch tighter than your body can handle, and to work very slowly toward your tightlacing goal.  Forcing your body to cinch down to a desired level too quickly will actually result in delaying your goal even longer, because your body won't be able to handle it.  Any time I feel pain or a high level of discomfort, I immediately take off my corset, adjust my corset, or even go without a corset for a little while.  Listening to your body and gradual cinching are very important when wearing corsets.

This is not to say that wearing a corset won't cause a minimal amount of discomfort, especially when you are not used to them.  I remember the very first time I wore a corset, and I had a slight aching feeling in my lower back later.  It turns out, this was actually muscle soreness due to poor posture before wearing corsets!  Wearing corsets has improved my posture greatly, even when I'm not wearing a corset - I've learned to sit or stand up straight much more.  Another way corsets provide slight discomfort is when you need to move around a lot.  I find that it's much easier to wear corsets when I'm going to be sitting at my computer for a long time, or when I'm out and standing for a long period of time.  For activities such as cleaning, picking items up, probably for taking care of children (needing to bend down a lot) corsets become less comfortable and actually are strained from such movements.  I do wear corsets for some mobile activities so that I can get in training while I'm at home, but I'm sure to wear wasps or shorter corsets to ease the strain on my body and the corset.  

So, corsets are not uncomfortable to me but they are obviously more restricting than not wearing a corset.  To me, it is completely worth it and I actually think there's something to admire about anything that takes more dedication than the average person would undertake - as the classic glamour-loving girl that I am.

* Do you wear anything under your corsets to protect your skin?

It is recommended to wear something to protect your skin as well as the oils of your skin from getting on the corset, so I usually wear camisoles under my corsets when I'm at home waist training.  I usually do not wear a camisole underneath when I go out, as I don't want to add any extra layers under my dresses.  Also, most necklines of my dresses, tops and sweaters don't agree with a camisole.      So I wear them when I can, but I don't worry about it too much when I can't.  Also, this question usually arises when I'm posting my "Corset Friday" photos on my instagram... so I do want to also point out that I usually don't wear a camisole underneath for these photos so you can grasp the full view of the corsets as well as for the aesthetic.  Additionally, I'm usually in my boudoir getting ready for the day so I'm often about to put on a dress and go out.

I hope this helps you, and I'm always watching for questions you send me or comment, so ask away!  To check out my latest outfit post, click here.

Baci xx

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