Friday, May 15, 2015

Corset Friday || OC CS-426 Longline with Hip Ties

I'm not sure exactly what took me so long to finally get this corset, but I truly have been missing out!  Orchard Corset recently launched a new 426 Longline with hip ties, in collaboration with the queen of corsets herself, Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry.  There are so many great aspects to Lucy's design ... It has all the amazing features of the 426 longline - smooth shape, no "back fat," and comfort plus so much more.  The hip ties not only allow you to adjust and expand for lower torso comfort, but also add an even more extreme hourglass look for an exaggerated "hippy" shape.  So this style is not only great for ladies with wider hips in need of some extra room in her corsets, but also for the more narrow shape as you can expand the hip to give the illusion of a more extreme hourglass.

As I always say, I love the different silhouettes one can achieve with different corsets!  I've found that the standard 426 Longline actually really slims me out, even through my hips - which is wonderful for certain looks and outfits, but imagine the Jayne-like statement the hip ties will make in a sassy little wiggle dress!  I can't wait to begin wearing it under my dresses and experimenting with different pieces.  Lastly, I love the comfort of this corset.  I have very extreme measurements when I'm in a corset - I can cinch down to 21-22 inches in my waist, but my hips are around 36."  So, there are times when I'm forced to cinch less in certain corsets so as to avoid discomfort with my hips being squeezed too much.  The hip ties on this piece allow me to expand the corset over my hips while cinching to my full capacity in my waist.  One little tip I have for you: Be sure to close the hip ties tightly at the bottom, to round out your accentuated hips to perfection. :)  I'll be reviewing the equally brilliant 426 Short with hip ties soon as well, so stay tuned for that!

Corset :: Orchard Corset
Lingerie Set :: Dita Von Teese
Cardigan :: Collectif
Fishnets :: Similar
Hair Scarf :: Vintage

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  1. I just tried on a corset at a convention yesterday that was similar to this corset. I had never tried one with hip ties! I was very intrigued by the extreme shape (and found that I like the look better than the waspie they had which, while cinching the waist, I felt it gave me an unnatural looking shape. Whereas the longline underbust corset with hip ties flowed more naturally). If you don't mind, I have a couple questions for you (as you are one of the queens of wearing corsets in my book. :) )....

    1) How do you hide hip ties under dresses? That's the main reason I've shied away from them as I don't want to wear a nice wiggle dress, but show all the indentations of the hip grommets and ties.

    2) What have you found to be the best style corset for when you're stomach and guts aren't feeling the best? (I ask as I have a lot of digestive issues, hence why I tried on the waspie for it's shorter length. But mm...that unnatural shape... >.< )

    Thank you so very much!
    ~ Briana


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