Friday, May 29, 2015

Corset Friday || OC Hip Ties CS-426 Short + Breaking in Corsets

Corset :: Orchard Corset
Girdle :: Kiss Me Deadly via Yurei Boutique
Bralet :: Kiss Me Deadly via Yurei Boutique
iPhone 6 Case :: Ted Baker

Happy Friday!  As you know, I recently reviewed the Orchard Corset CS-426 Longline with hip ties in this post.  Well today's 426 Short with hip ties has all the benefits of the longline, except it is about 2.5 inches shorter.  I absolutely love having the two length options, but be sure to watch the product video on the Longline to see if your torso is long enough for that length.  My long torso may partially contribute to my ability to comfortably lace down about 4 inches even though I have minimal "squishibility."  I wear my longline when going out as I feel it has the smoothest overall silhouette.  I wear today's Short mostly for waist training at home or running simple errands since it has the perfect length for mobility.  I'm able to cinch down very easily in both corsets and they feel equally luxurious, lightweight, and brilliantly designed!  Read more about why I love the hip ties styles here!

I want to include a little information on how I break in my corsets.  One thing I want to stress to you, is how important this gradual process is.  First though, be sure to familiarize yourself with Orchard Corset's Silhouette Levels to see which corset levels your measurements will allow you to wear.  I break in my corsets pretty slowly as based on the advice of Lucy's Corsetry, remaining only about 2 inches reduced for 2 hours at a time.  I usually do so for about a week before I begin to lace down further, and then around 2 weeks before lacing down fully to my capacity.  I have almost given up on corsets that I thought were uncomfortable, when I realized I did not spend enough time slowly breaking them in - and they later became my most comfortable pieces!  Another issue I've struggled with is positioning the corset slightly off since I have a pretty low waist.  Be sure to adjust and re-adjust your corsets if they feel uncomfortable, and always take give the break in process plenty of time.

As always, comment with your corset questions here or on my Instagram posts was I always keep them in mind for my Corset Friday posts!  I will see you here on Monday with a new outfit post as always... Xoxo

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