Friday, May 1, 2015

Corset Friday || OC Satin CS-201 Wasp + Hiding Corset Under Clothes

Today's Corset: Orchard Corset Satin Wasp CS-201

I really love the shape of this waspie, and I love that it's a little bit longer than some other waspies.  I've found that sometimes very short wasps dig into my hips since they don't have the length to expand over my lower torso.  This waspie however is the perfect length and shape - it rises beautifully on each side allowing for a good amount of room on my hips.  I've only just barely broken it in, so I haven't had a long time of wearing to get a full feeling of it.  So far however, it seems very comfortable and with great mobility. Here I'm wearing it with my stunning boudoir robe by Angela Friedman.

Corset :: Orchard Corset
Boudoir Robe :: Kiss Me Deadly via Angela Friedman
Lingerie Set :: Parfait by Affinitas via Helen of Troy
Peacock Feather Fascinator :: Deviously Sweet Designs

Your Questions: How do you hide your corset underneath your clothes?

I receive this question quite a bit and after some experimenting and figuring out, I have a system that works well for me.  As always this is just what I do, and it may not work for you.  We all vary greatly in body shapes and tastes, so what works for me may not work for you.  My corsets actually used to show through my clothes a lot more, as you can actually see in some blog posts toward the beginning of my corset-wearing journey.  Here are some examples of older posts, in which you can clearly see my corset lines showing through my dresses:


With certain fabrics and corset types, it's pretty much unavoidable unless you wear some extra layers of shape wear over top such as a slip or girdle, but I know that I don't usually want to do that!  So here's what I've figured out.  I recently reviewed the CS-201 Mesh Waspie and what I unfortunately found out about this corset type/shape, is that it due to it's stretch around the body, it is less effective in actually shaping your natural waist.  In other words, it looks incredible when worn - but it is less effective than a more victorian shape in "semi-permanently" contributing to a smaller waist.  However, it hides corset lines better than any corset I've ever worn!  So in order not to lose any chances in contributing to my growing hourglass curves, my solution has been to waist train at home or running errands in a more authentic corset shape such as the Orchard Corset CS-426.  Then, whenever I'm going out to an event in which a smooth and less bulky appearance is essential, I wear my mesh CS-201.  Unfortunately I still get a tiny bit of "back fat" with this corset, but if that's your main problem I would suggest trying out the CS-426 Longline - it's pretty smooth all over and for me it eliminates any back fat bulge at the top!  It was an eye-opener when I began to realize the many different corset types and how they can be varied for so many different circumstances.  Sadly, our modern world/clothing industry is not very equipped for complementing corsets so it really is impossible to completely eliminate some of these issues 100% but it's still very worth it to me to wear corsets.  I've found though that some of these little tips can definitely help to reduce some of the problems. Here are some more recent images where you can see the difference in a smoother appearance:


I hope that helped provide some tips for you...  As always I'll continue to keep you updated on new secrets and discoveries I make along the way, in my Corset Friday posts!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I tried commenting, wasn't sure if it worked or just disappeared. Excuse me if this becomes a double post on my part!

    You said here that the CS-201 Mesh Waspie isn't really good for shaping, I was wondering if you feel the same way about the CS-201 Satin? Not really sure how the material changes the properties, but was wondering since I just ordered the satin one.
    Also do you recommend getting the satin model in a size smaller like you suggested with the mesh waspie?

    1. Hello! The mesh has stretch, which lessens the impact for moving the ribs. Rather is just sits around the ribs and only moves fat and organs. I am still learning, but this was my understanding via Lucy's Corsetry. The satin material does not have stretch, so this does not apply to it! I wear the satin for waist training, and did not size down on the satin. I hope that helps! Thanks for the feedback/questions :)

  2. What is your solution to hiding the bulk of the laces in the back? I find that I look nice from the front but then have some bulging growth look under my clothes behind me. Please help.


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