Monday, June 1, 2015

Buckingham Fountain || Posh Miss Candyfloss


Miss Candyfloss is one of my staples throughout the year.  I previously shared with you an outfit for High Tea at Christmastime and a curve-enhancing nautical look.  Today's outfit is all about classic glamour and posh femininity with form-fitted Diamond-Lou.  I fell in love with the shawl collar, polka dot accents, diamond cut-out and subtly sensual slit.  Buckingham Fountain's french Rococo-style details, crashing water display, and beautiful historic building backdrop provided just the posh setting to complement such an exquisite piece as the Diamond.

I couldn't have dreamt up a more beautiful hat or handbag... they both were made by talented designers who combine traditional ideas with originality and a unique aesthetic.  I greatly admire artists who work for their craft out of sheer passion rather than being handed all of their opportunities, and Tuesdai is a perfect example of this.  Emerging from the hardships of Detroit, she struggled through poverty and even homelessness - delving into her art on a small kitchen table.  Since then, she has soared into success with her designs gracing the red carpet in all walks of hollywood... from the Grammy's to Billboard Music Awards.  I'm in love with her aesthetic as she takes a vintage aesthetic and creates unique art collages, using each dainty handbag as her canvas.  Whenever I'm out with one of her pieces I'm constantly asked about who the designer is... her creations are show-stoppers - unique and stunning.  Visit her "in stock" tab to see what she currently has available.  Her pieces are all original one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you will treasure for years to come.

Angelina Sandell of Deviously Sweet Designs is a similar artist, as she started her shop from dissatisfaction of the pieces available.  I can attest - the beauties I own from her shop are all so creative and completely unique.  Today's floral hat is just the treasure that I've been seeking... I adore how it sits forward and demure, and the floral trim exudes such elegance while adding a feminine touch.  You've seen me in her beauties before, and there's so much more to come!

à la prochaine!

Dress :: Miss Candyfloss
Bag :: Tuesdai
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie

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  1. Great outfit, I love your dress! So stylish.


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