Friday, June 12, 2015

Corset Friday || My Natural Waist vs. Corset & Stats

Many questions I receive have to do with my "natural waist" vs my "corset waist."  I know that if you're not familiar with corsets, this can be confusing and even determine for some whether to take on waist training.  It is possible to change the shape of your waist, but the change is only semi-permanent.  It is not a diet method - you won't be able to quickly lose inches from your waist and then put away your corset.  You can lose weight but this will only happen if you wear your corset through meals, as it limits your portion intake sizes.  However, corsets cannot "redistribute fat" or burn fat from your waist.  It is more of a lifestyle for me.  Since I love the classic hourglass shape so much, I've built my style around this concept and I've had nearly my entire wardrobe altered to fit my waist while wearing a corset.  There are times when I don't wear corsets outside of the house, and so I have a select few pieces that I can wear for occasions like this.  Examples of this are walking my dog or any time I'll be walking briskly or for a long period of time, sometimes running errands, when I'm under the weather, etc.  However when "going out" I pretty much always wear a corset and especially in the evenings.

This has resulted unintentionally (but I'm not complaining) in a slight change of shape to my waist.  While they don't burn or move fat, corsets temporarily move your organs and floating ribs - and this is with real steal-boned corsets. (not the popular "waist trainer" cinchers that celebrities are making trendy right now)  I  can see a more defined curve at my waist, and I went from a 26 - 26 1/2 inch waist to 25 1/2 inches now.  I am not as consistent as I should be, but usually wear a corset 5 days per week around 5 hours a day and lace down to around 21 - 22 inches.  Here are some images from recent blog posts that show how what my natural waist not looks like, for those that have been curious!  Any change will move back my original shape if I do not keep up with corsets - it is all only semi-permanent.  However since I plan to wear corsets for a long time, I'm sure I can expect for my hourglass shape to continue staying or increasing.  As you see, it is quite different from photos in my corset but you can still see the result of my waist training.

I'll see you back here on Monday with a new outfit post! 



  1. You waist looks amazing. I've been really interested in trying waist training but I wouldn't know where to start!

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  2. Beautiful waist! Thanks for explaining corsets, I didn't know all that.

  3. 5 hours a day is actually a very decent time for wearing! I'm looking to get into corseting. I think it's interesting that the trend right now is to wear "waist clinchers" which are really more like a a shape wear in the shape of a corset. I love all the helpful links for corseting. Thank you lovely!
    xx Belle


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