Friday, July 24, 2015

Corset Friday || Limited Edition Deep Rose Satin CS-411

This summer I've been loving to add a few colors to my corset wardrobe, as you might have noticed considering my previous Corset Friday post was the gorgeous pastel lilac underbust.  Today I'm continuing my vibrant streak with the Limited Edition Deep Rose Satin CS-411.  The color is a rich romantic rose-like pink - almost a magenta, and with it's sheen of the satin it has just the most exquisite aesthetic.  It is lined in 100% cotton which provides extra durability and support while also protecting the beautiful exterior fabric. This is a style that I love to waist train in equally with showing off.  It has a beautiful dramatic curve, allowing it to also feel very mobile and comfortable.  It's just the right length for my body and I've noticed how easy it is to move about in it.  Now I just need to think of sheer fabrics and beautiful lingerie to pair this beauty with!

I've received a lot of new questions lately, so next week I'll be sure to address all of your comments and inquiries!  Stay tuned.. 

Corset :: Orchard Corset

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