Monday, July 20, 2015

Pink Maritime || Anchor Accents with Ceci & Miss Candyfloss

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A pinup can't let summer sail by without a proper nautical day... history binds us to the seas and sailors of old.  With my usual glamour-loving instincts, I dressed up today's coastal look while accenting with anchor-dusted details and curve-accentuating silhouette.  Miss Candyfloss is the perfect place for finding feminine details with sophisticated class.  I paired my dainty dotted Ritzie Connie with retro sailor Salina Lou, and topped it off with the most glamorous sailor-inspired earrings I've ever seen.  You know how much I love Ceci Punch, and today's 'Anchors Aweigh' features real vintage anchors brilliantly crafted with delicate strings of gold chain.

After the opening of the Chicago Canal in 1848, the Chicago River connected to the Great Lakes became one of the busiest transshipment points by the end of the Civil War.  Today, the harbors are just another example of the grand and elegant beauty I love about this city.  They stretch prominently across a 14-mile radius, and each of the 10 have their own unique neighborhood feel.  Stretching all the way south, they end with the charming lagoons of Jackson Park.  I hope to make it that way soon, and share more of these gorgeous harbors with you.  Today's seafaring voyage was complete with a stop at the Pink Ice Cream Parlour along the riverwalk...

Plain Sailing!

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Skirt :: Miss Candyfloss
Earrings :: Ceci Punch 
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie

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  1. Obsessed with your top. You look so chic!


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