Friday, August 7, 2015

Corset Friday || Corsets When Sick

Happy Corset Friday!  Today's post will be short and sweet this time, because I've actually been on bed rest the past few days due to a back strain.  Whenever your body is not 100%, even if it's just a cold, I strongly recommend that you don't wear corsets at all.  Despite corsets being safe, they are still unnatural to the body and could slow down your healing process.  In some cases they can make your condition worse.  When I'm well on the mend however, the first corset I reach for is the above style - the Orchard Corset 201 Mesh waspie as I recently reviewed here.  It's stretch details allow for some flexibility and feel much easier on my body.

I'll have something a little different next week!  In the meantime I'll see you back here on Monday as always for a new outfit post... 


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