Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pillbox, Pearls & Pantsuit || 1930's at Drake Hotel

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Whenever I break from my late 40's/50's pencil dresses, my 2nd choice for drawing beauty and aesthetic is always the 1930's and early 40's.  Today's look was influenced by this decade of silky pantsuits, and actually the era in which pillbox hats were introduced.  White Purls just entered my life and filled me with inspiration... pillbox hats have always been one of my favorite of the classic styles, and designer Myriam utilizes her passion for vintage by meticulously crafting each of her stunning creations.  She uses only the finest silk, wool, and yarn while each piece arrives in her own adorable hat box.  My handmade Vintage Ivory Pillbox Hat is made of soft cotton silk blend yarn and strewn with dozens of perfectly placed feminine pearls.  Delving into the pillbox's 1930's origins, I drew inspiration from mid-late 30's bombshells such as Ginger Rogers in Follow the Fleet and Betty Grable in The Gay Divorcee.  While Miss Winny's Le Palais Pantsuit is not currently available, she has some gorgeous alternatives here.  As the pillbox remained popular throughout the next few decades, I can't wait to try out different vintage variations with my versatile White Purls masterpiece.... and just in time for the best hat seasons of all, Fall and Winter!

Note: I don't smoke, the cigarettes & vintage case are props.

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IMG_7034 copy
IMG_7082 copy
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Pillbox Hat :: White Purls
Pantsuit :: Le Palais Vintage
Pearls & Cigarette Case :: Vintage
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Bag :: Tatyana via Pollypop


  1. Gorgeous look - can you recall where the bag was from?


  2. Beautiful and classy


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