Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer in the Sky || Unique Vintage 1950's Eyelet Dress

IMG_3989 copy

For me, summer wouldn't be complete without a few hours spent on a city rooftop ... all alone with one of my best friends.  The wind was wild and free, and our panorama views included a vast cityscape & the largest body of freshwater in the world.  A metropolis atmosphere inspires me so much, and it's always a blessing to have a great friend to share such views with.  As you probably have noticed, eyelet ... and particularly white eyelet, is a bit of a summer obsession of mine!  My Unique Vintage 1950's dress reminds me a lot of Marilyn, and today's photoshoot turned into a bit of an MM-like session.  She wore white so much, but this dress also feels reminiscent of some of her summer dress stills.  This flirty swing frock is one of the few I've found that has a lower waist seam - this can be so flattering and authentic in accentuating a vintage-lover's curves!

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IMG_3846 copy
IMG_4171 copy
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Dress :: Unique Vintage
Clutch :: Similar
Gloves :: Light in the Box
Sunglasses :: Marilyn Monroe Eyewear
Bracelet :: Similar
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie

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