Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Around Town || Classic Plaid & Red

IMG_1842 copy

Last week, my family was in town and just in time for Chicago's stunning Autumn season.  We've had such beautiful transitional weather and on this particular day temperatures leaned toward clouds and cool wind, with a sprinkling of misty rain.  It couldn't have been a more fitting time to visit some festive antique neighborhoods, a classic diner, and a charming bakery!  Not to mention wearing a woven plaid skirt was just the right ensemble for the occasion, and Unique Vintage never disappoints.  They're one of my top go-to's for any season, and since Fall is my favorite, I find myself constantly perusing their wide variety of retro clothing selections.  I paired this tartan staple with timeless red and black, and vintage-inspired layers for the transitional weather.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse at my perfect season-appropriate day, filled with all things historic, classic, and Fall!

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 

IMG_1888 copy
IMG_1781 copy
IMG_1935 copy
IMG_1961 (1) copy
IMG_1820 copy
IMG_1866 copy
IMG_1927 copy
IMG_1884 copy
IMG_1903 copy
IMG_1939 copy
IMG_1871 copy
IMG_1913 coAApy
IMG_1839 copy
IMG_1826 copy
IMG_1797 copy
IMG_1882 wcopy
Skirt :: Unique Vintage
Sweater :: Unique Vintage
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Bag :: Tatyana via Pollypop also at UV
Sunglasses :: Marilyn Monroe Eyewear
Faux Fur Collar Wrap :: Similar
Gloves :: Vintage {Similar}


  1. You look absolute perfect.
    You're such a great inspiration to me.

  2. Amazing photos and you look so beautiful! I have had my eye on that skirt and now I think I need it! x


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