Rachel combines timeless glamour, her passion for a vintage aesthetic, her experience in the classic sartorial world, and iconic New York City in her weekly styled outfit posts.  She loves feminine silhouettes as vintage styles used to highlight and her wardrobe is endlessly influenced by the Golden Age.  This is why she wears a corset almost daily, and her hourglass form has become her signature look.  Rachel lives and breathes the beauty of these past eras, and together she and her husband strive to make their surroundings a complete lifestyle of bygone nostalgia.  Rachel highlights brands and boutiques that reflect this glamour of yesteryear.  Her editorial-style posts reveal her love of life in the big apple, with vintage gems & historic landmarks often sprinkled throughout her backdrops.

Rachel learned so much about history, art, and classic style during her years of living abroad.   Through a prestigious tailoring school and their historic surroundings in Rome, Rachel and her husband were awakened with a new appreciation of the old world ways, and her passion for yesteryear began to reach new heights.  During this time, her husband trained in every aspect of the art of making bespoke and couture garments.  Rachel took courses in design, and naturally began to partner with Eric in their own creations.  After years of training and preparation, Atelier Jensen was recently born... bespoke luxury womenswear combining Rachel's love of vintage designs and Eric's 7-years of bespoke training.  

Eric is not only Rachel's best friend and business partner, but he is the also the talented photographer behind RachelAnnJensen.com!  

"Glamour is what I sell, it's my stock in trade." - Marlene Dietrich

Rachel has been known to dash around attending events, or dining at the multitude of glamorous spots.  She highlights event recaps from time to time amidst usual outfit posts... she can't turn down a classic cocktail! ;)  If you're interested in having her feature your restaurant or establishment, please feel free to contact PinupRachelAnn@gmail.com.  For additional collaboration information, visit here.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and I can't wait to connect with you all.