Friday, October 30, 2015

Fatale & Coffin || Halloween {Black Dress Series, Part 3}

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"Tonight will come to life.  Deadened branches stirred by whispers in the wind.  Fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last, it all will begin."

The colours of Autumn are everywhere... vibrant red, orange, green, and brown intertwining from Lincoln Park to Hyde Park, and beyond!  Halloween never seemed so fitting, as the crisp air continues to blow pieces of these colours into movie-set like swirling patterns.  Last night, we watched one of my favorite spooky movies, Arsenic & Old Lace with Cary Grant and beauty Priscilla Lane.  As I watched the leaves consistently blow around the screen, I remember feeling the glow of Fall as we're having such similar picture-perfect scenes around town.

For the finale of my Black Dress Series, I couldn't imagine a more elegant siren-like frock than appropriately named Fatale Dress from The Pretty Dress Company.  As I've said before, Pretty Dress is easily one of my favorite brands... each design is timeless, classy, and with the feminine form strongly accentuated.  I also love their simplicity, because a well-fitted classic piece does not need noisy additions.  The noir Fatale Dress exudes sensuality, but with the utmost feeling of luxury.  For today's dramatic look, I paired it with gold accents, patent coffin bag, fishnets, and a vibrant floral accessory.  As always, you'll find these details at the end of the post...  

Happy Halloween!

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Brooch :: vintage from Sweet and Spark
Flower Accessory :: Niccoco Creations
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
 Gloves & Bracelet :: Vintage
Fishnet Stockings :: Similar

And a few festive iPhone snaps... 



  1. It's really different - and beautiful - to see you head-to-toe in black, Halloween or no-Halloween!! Kx

  2. These photos are all so amazing and that dress is so incredible that I'm inspired to buy it. A few questions though: How is the fit of this dress? Because I was looking at the size chart and am worried that the smallest size may be too big for me.
    Also (I hope this isn't an inappropriate question) what kind of strapless bra do you use? (You may not be wearing one in this image but I feel like you would be a good judge of good bras)

    1. Hi Tara! Thank you for reading, and your kind words! This dress is really is a great piece to have, and one of my all time favorites! For the fit, we alter nearly all of my dresses to fit my small waist, but I can tell you about the sizing for me. I'm wearing a size 8, and we just took in the waist only. It definitely has some stretch, but it's a nice durable fabric so it holds me in nicely. For strapless bras, I recommend longline pieces like Merry Widows & Corselettes. I hope that helps! xoxo

    2. Thanks so much! Super helpful!!!