Monday, October 26, 2015

In The Night || Black Dress Halloween Series {Part 1}

IMG_2140 ecopy copy

"Two inch nails, micro waist, with a pale white feline face"

It's Halloween week... the beginning of all festive holidays, and the most magical seasons are here!  While I've honestly never been a costume party girl (I know, I'm sorry) I love delving into all things dark and spooky.  This ghostly side runs in my family, as my mom and her siblings used to stay up late to watch the 60's series Nightmare Theater and her love for ghouls and monsters always stayed with her!  Hitchcock films have been an obsession of mine ever since my father introduced Rear Window to me as a child, and this has become our tradition every October.

So this week is my "refined" ode to the darkness of All Hallow's Eve, imbuing subtle hints of eeriness, but in keeping with my glamour-loving style.  I decided my best tribute would be a 3-part black dress series!  I styled each black dress with glamour as I normally do, but with a stronger influence of femme fatale...  Today I'll take you on a journey from the black of night to the dawn of early morning light, as the sun actually rose during our shoot.  Our nighttime journey begins at 1930-built art deco landmark, the Chicago Board of Trade Building, and ends with an explosion of orange Fall hues among the towering trees at Grant Park.

Inciting our noir series is a sleek 50's Unique Vintage pencil dress, which I styled with a dramatic UV Victorian Ruffled Parasol.  I topped off this all-black look with some sensual black patent slingback heels, which actually remind me of the Louboutin Allenissima stiletto.  Stay tuned for the next of my 'black dress' series, coming up Wednesday!

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Dress :: Unique Vintage
Parasol :: Unique Vintage
Heels :: Unique Vintage
Satin Gloves :: Vintage
Earrings :: Oasap
Faux Fur Stole :: Amazon


  1. You look divine - and yes, very femme fatale. I cannot wait for the two further instalments! Are those words along your stocking seams? Kx

  2. Stunning photos! I love that umbrella and the fur stole is gorgeous!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  3. Beautiful dress. You look gorgeous in it!

  4. Your figure in this dress is just amazing! I love every single photo, just breathtaking!