Monday, November 16, 2015

Feather and Bone || Holiday-Ready Skincare Routine

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As a vintage lover, I've spoken about my importance on a great salon and keeping up with good hair routines.  Today I'm going to highlight skincare, as I'm constantly researching the best products to keep my skin primed for my daily makeup routine.  We pinups are all about beauty and pampering, as well as being unique.  I recently discovered Face Gems by Feather and Bone and fell in love with this product.  

Feather and Bone is all about individuality, authenticity, and a natural approach to skincare.  Their dainty Face Gems are comprised of 3 natural ingredients: Starch, Fuller's Earth, and Sandalwood - no preservatives, and are made for all skin types.  With their tiny tablet form, they save storage room at home and reduce a huge amount of hassle when traveling!  With the holidays coming up, these tablets will be perfect for traveling in reducing the mess of bringing a liquid bottle.  Each tablet is a single use, and dissolves into a paste when water is added.  Not only is it a cleanser, but is in fact a triple action of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing!

These little gems are fun to use, smell great, and make my face feel soft and fresh after!  You can feel the gentle scrub of the sandalwood exfoliating in the most natural way, yet it's moisturizing components never leave you feeling dry.  While other natural products are extremely expensive, Feather and Bone is surprisingly affordable.  With the holidays quickly approaching, you'll love these Face Gems for staying fresh and ready for glamour & makeup!  You can find all of the information here:

How to use video

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Simple as this, just add water!

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