Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bright Holiday || The Pretty Dress Magenta Velvet

It's almost Christmas Day!  I'm off to the holiday parties in this vibrant Magenta Fatale Dress... the 6th of our Pretty Dress Company holiday series.  Gold is today's jewel of choice, as I added accessories of matching fuchsia and gilded details.  I'm always hoping for a white Christmas, but our season has been rainy and strangely warmer than usual.  So I added a feminine umbrella, hand-warming muff, and closed toe shoes for today's festive soiree ensemble.  With backdrops of classic decorations on glazed terra-cotta and a moody purple skyline, today's sultry frock dazzles like the striking piece she is.

Let the soirees begin!  
Avec Amour xx

Outfit Details:

The Pretty Dress Company Magenta Velvet Fatale Dress
Ceci Punch Designs Gold Vintage Heart Earrings
Tuesdai Handmade Fuchsia Velvet Handbag
Unique Vintage Ruffled Parasol Umbrella


  1. Absolutely adore your blog - just discovered you via IG! xoxo - Elle

  2. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.