Monday, January 4, 2016

Navy Pier || Nautical Winter with Unique Vintage

There is a certain mood that a winter's sun creates on a brisk day, and such was the feeling on our walk to Navy Pier a few weeks ago.  Built in 1916, this historic place was the largest pier in the world at the time and was made for both shipping and entertainment.  In the 1920's, it's title was "summer playground" with an average of 3.2 million annual visitors attracted to the dance halls, picnic areas and theater.  Throughout the 1930's it's popularity continued with the World's Fair bringing tourists and travelers from all over.

To match this sunny winter day by the water, I wore a nautical-inspired red & blue ensemble from Unique Vintage.  The Winifred Fishtail Skirt is an eye catcher, with a siren silhouette and a sassy fishtail that moves about in the wind.  Adding some winter accessories, I warmed my head with a wool hat & my hands with some wrist length Bow Keyhole Gloves.  Tiny cherries accent my sleeveless top, which I'm sure will be making a lot more appearances this spring!  While it's sold out, there are still some adorable options as you'll find in my outfit details below...
Buon Anno!

x Rachel x

Outfit Details:

Fishtail Skirt from Unique Vintage
Cardigan from Unique Vintage
Cherry Top from Unique Vintage
Bow Gloves from Unique Vintage
Cherry Red Patent Leather Bag from Unique Vintage
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  1. Love these looks. Patriotic and feminine. Huge Unique Vintage fan. :D

  2. Happy new year! You look gorgeous. Love the red heels :)