Friday, January 22, 2016

Diamonds in the Snow || Secrets in Lace at the Railway

Waiting at the railway one snowy Chicago winter day. . . it felt as if I was back in the 1940's, partly thanks to my favorite new stockings.

Secrets in Lace is the largest retailer in the world of 100% nylon stockings and actually owns 2 of the 4 remaining authentic nylon factories. They provide a world for glamour-lovers like me to revel in the classics, carrying a breathtaking range of Full Fashion back seam stockings - my favorite of course!  Not at all limited to the nylon salon, Secrets in Lace has a wide range of equally stunning lingerie.  I love their emphasis on lingerie as everyday wear, bringing back the idea that each "normal" day is an occasion to feel our best!  While other lingerie brands are often strictly for "fantasy," Secrets in Lace reminds us that women once enjoyed quality stockings, shape wear, girdles, slips, and pretty brassieres on a daily basis.

I couldn't resist their 100% authentic nylons and after trying on my first pair, I am in love.  They feel silky soft yet sturdy, and not to mention - glamorous and sexy.  I'm excited to begin sharing with you all my favorite styles, starting today with the Natalie Diamond Heel.  This exclusive French Heel detail has not been in production since the late 1960's and can only be found at Secrets in Lace!

Stay tuned for more of my favorites from Secrets in Lace, and be sure to follow on Instagram:

x Avec Amour x

Outfit Details:

Secrets in Lace Full Fashion Diamond Nylon Stockings
Unique Vintage 1930's Wool Felt Hat
Old Collectif Wool Peplum Jacket {Similar Here}
Vivien of Holloway Wool Pencil Skirt
T-strap Heels {Similar Here}


  1. Oh my goodness, could you be any prettier?! I'm absolutely infatuated with your taste. I have a white muff, just identical to yours!

    xx Belle

  2. Very cool photos. I love the vintage feel.

  3. Fabulous!!!!

  4. You are one of the most inspiring people I've ever seen.
    This outfit is amazing. You look awsome :)