Friday, January 15, 2016

Natalie Rattner || An Artist After My Own Heart

I am so excited to introduce you today to one of my favorite pinup artists, brilliant Nathalie Rattner!  I have been a fan of her work for years - her photorealistic focus and ability to capture such vivid detail endlessly takes my breath away.  In a world of machine-made everything, my attention is always drawn to those artists whose passion allows their craft to live on.  Nathalie not only demonstrates an incomparable creative mind, but incredible talent and skill as displayed through her intricate techniques.  She uses a combination of watercolor, pastel, gouache and ink, and often works with negative space and minimal lines.

With Eric's and my background in the bespoke world, and as a daily witness to the intense hand-labored craft of tailoring through our Atelier, I've acquired an extra deep respect for all true craftsmen/women.  This is precisely what made a collaboration with Nathalie even more special, as the first piece she ever illustrated of me was a surprise depiction of a photo in my own bespoke design - our Lady En Noir wool pencil dress.  This piece is now framed in my home!  She also created a stunning illustration taken from a photo of mine in a Pinup Girl Clothing Dress.  Being so enamored with these first few pieces, I knew I wanted to plan another collaboration.

Nathalie's emphasis on the feminine form couldn't pair more perfectly with my own hourglass aesthetic as you know well, so we decided to join forces once again with this shared vision.  Nathalie drew inspiration from a recent photo in one of my favorite gowns by The Pretty Dress company, Fatale Fishtail.  The result was far more than I even dreamed, and later she told me that she had never before been so inspired to experiment with various versions of a piece!  From sultry to classic, black and white to color, you can see for yourself some of the stunning variations that took lives of their own through Nathalie's talented hands.... 

Nathalie Rattner's Website

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  1. Outstanding creations! Both you and Nathalie create magic! She really captures your style and form. Brava to Nathalie and Rachel! I can't wait to see more.