Friday, January 29, 2016

Red Sparkle || Valentine's Day with Secrets in Lace

Red... arguably the most classic and feminine color there is, and it's one of my favorites.  Red lingerie is an absolute essential for any pinup, and stocking backseams in a shiny shade of cherry?  What could be better?  Just in time for Valentine's Day, I'm so excited to share my favorite scarlet pieces from Secrets in Lace!

The Shiny Seamed Full Fashion is a classic French Heel Stocking with a stunning shimmery detail.  The backseam is sewn with a metallic thread so you won't only walk with a subtle pop of red, but also an eye-catching sparkle!  As with all Secrets in Lace stockings, they are made with 100% authentic nylon.  I paired them with the Monique Criss Cross Girdle which is an inspired vintage recreation of the famous 1950's "Girdle with a French Accent."

Check out the rest of their sexy selections on the Secrets in Lace website and be sure to follow on Instagram: @secretsinlace


  1. I've been experimenting with different colour seams lately - both red and white on black opaque, and red on both black and nude sheer. But these look wonderful with the partly element. Kx

  2. I love these naughty peekaboo photos! I hope nobody caught you... x