Friday, February 19, 2016

Dietrich Glamour || Secrets in Lace Lilac Bullet Bra Set, 2 Ways

The Secrets in Lace Lilac Bullet Bra Set had my mind racing with inspiration.  Not only are the vibrant colors bold and fun, but the design is truly the best vintage-reproduction bullet brassiere I've tried yet.  It is made with luxurious European sheen fabric with authentic circle stitch, and comes in a wide range of sizes from 32B - 42DD.  I was amazed at it's authentic shape, strong support and comfort all in one!

I had some fun with styling the first look and paired it with our own bespoke trousers, made of luxurious cashmere wool and mink blend.  I drew inspiration from women's separates looks in the 1930's & 1940's, and the cool stand-out glamour of Marlene Dietrich.  She was bold and swanky, and always adorned with impeccable accessories from head to toe.  She had a daring glamour about her, and always looked polished to perfection.  To complete the menswear-inspired feel, I added a vintage fedora and Padron cigar!

Of course, I couldn't fail to highlight the rest of this adorable bullet bra set.  So my 2nd look revels in 1950's glamour complete with Jayne-like pin curls, sparkly earrings, champagne and rouge red roses.  The matching lilac garter has a ruffle trim, six straps, and stunning deco-like shell design at the center.  Vintage, feminine perfection... I simply adore this entire set.

Avec Amour,
Rachel  ♥

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Outfit Details:

Secrets in Lace Lilac Bullet Bra Set
Secrets in Lace Stockings
Atelier Jensen Bespoke Cashmere Wool & Mink Trousers
Orchard Corset Lilac Underbust Corset
Vintage Fedora Hat
Faux Fur Stole - Similar Here
Unique Vintage Gloves & Shoes

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