Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Beginnings || Gingham & Cherries

While it is bittersweet to think of setting aside glamorous furs and cashmere wools, I'm content in living where seasons change at my doorstep.  One of my favorite things in the world in fact, is the rejuvenation of changing seasons.  In Rome, locals even eat fresh food in conjunction with the seasonal crops.  Restaurants will not serve certain dishes or foods during the wrong months.  Each Spring we would be excited to order fresh Spremuta di arancia and each winter, dishes in brodo!  I learned that I prefer the traditions that seasons bring, and especially with fashion of course.  There's little that excites me more than a closet change - especially in Fall.

Now that Spring weather is slowly trickling into our days here in Chicago, I'm craving brighter colors and prints!  You could probably sum up my favorite warm weather details in two words, gingham and cherries.  (and I love eating the latter ;)  Little cherries are visible on the heel and toe of today's shoe, which is actually my own design with Shoes of Prey.  I created my perfect ideal summer heel, with a color combination of powder blue & red, and lots of feminine details.  I added matching cherry earrings by talented Ceci Punch and my Marilyn Monroe cat-eye sunglasses, strewn with 126 Swarovski crystals in honor of Marilyn's birth year.  They are a limited edition design, so if you haven't snagged a pair yet, I'd recommend doing so!

The countdown to Spring has begun.  Cheers to another approaching season, filled with change and new beginnings.

Avec Amour, 
Rachel x♥x

Outfit Details:

Ceci Punch Designs Cherry & Crystal Earrings
Marilyn Monroe Eyewear Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Heart of Haute Gingham Halter Dress
Vintage Powder Blue Nylon Scarf
Shoes of Prey Cherry & Bow Heels


  1. Such a divine look. I love the gingham, but oh, the shoes with it - wow! Karen x

  2. Oh, I love making the most out of each season too! I love seasonal food, seasonal clothes and seasonal entertainments!

  3. Very chic. Pale blue accessories make this classic look very stylish and super cool.

  4. You always looks so gorgeous in everything you wear and your photos are amazing! xo

  5. This color combination is phenomenal! I wouldn't have thought to pair ice blue with red gingham. It's so pretty <3