Monday, February 1, 2016

Season Transition || MikaRose Navy Floral Dress

For Spring transition, and actually perfect for a Fall transition as well, the Ellen Dress by MikaRose is a brilliant choice.  It is a new everyday essential in my wardrobe.  I have such a love for longer sleeves on dresses, and Ellen is extra classy and chic.  In fact MikaRose is a brand built around class, which stemmed from the lack of stylish modesty in today's market.  As a girl whose inspiration is based heavily on the 1940's and 1950's, I will never argue with a longer hemline or an elegant silhouette!

In true pinup form, I added cherry red accessories and was ready for this particularly warmer winter we're having...

A Dopo!
 Rachel x♥x

Outfit Details:

Unique Vintage Satin T-strap Heels
Unique Vintage Bow Gloves
Bow Belt - Similar

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  1. So gorgeous! Love the pops of red with this dress! x