Monday, April 18, 2016

Crochet & Daisies || At the Pond in White Purls

It was daisies, ruffles, & wicker for a peaceful day at the pond... yet Colette, my ivory crochet sun hat steals the show.  White Purls marvels yet again with another stunning piece from the new Spring/Summer collection, and this happens to be my favorite.  Crocheted with 100% linen yarn, Colette's wide brim is dainty and delicate, reminiscent of the femininity of yesteryear.  Each order is made custom with an available color of your choosing, and today's shade of "natural" pearl-like ivory imbues the perfect tone for our setting.  Surrounded by ducks, budding trees, and canoes sailing by, I can just picture a 1940's tea party out on the manicured grass.

Avec Amour,
Rachel x♥x

Outfit Details:

White Purls Colette Sun Hat
Vintage Shoes & Handbag
Pinup Girl Clothing Fishtail Skirt
Jools Couture Bustier 
Sheer Gloves - available here


  1. I love all the little details you add to your outfits! xo

  2. You look as stunning as always, Rachel!
    Just a perfect combination with amazing accessories.