Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lilac & Eyelet || Secrets in Lace Pastel Stockings

For a soft swirl of feminine shades and textures, it was lilac and white cotton eyelet on this warm spring day.  Secrets in Lace brilliantly redesigned their iconic Reinforced Heel & Toe stocking for spring, adding two perfect shades - lilac and light blue.  These silky nylon stockings are the lightest tone of pastel, providing a very subtle and powdery pop of color.   As spring turns to summer, hot days will bring more reasons for glamorous updos to keep nice and cool.  My inspiration for today's 40's hairstyle was influenced by Lana Turner's beautifully waved pomps in one of my favorite movies, Ziegfeld Girl of 1941.

Many areas of Chicago feel exactly like stepping back in time, and the brick streets remind me so much of my years living in Rome.  A charming alley serves as our backdrop today, and the surrounding buildings are actually historic structures built as early as 1902.  We even found markings on the pathway with the name of the brick maker etched into some of the pieces!

Underneath it all, was an equally feminine combination and I couldn't wait to pair lilac with my matching Retro Bullet Bra set.   With blooms in my boudoir and spring breezing through my window, lounging in soft-hued lingerie couldn't be more fitting for the season.

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