Monday, April 11, 2016

Seafoam || The Pretty Dress Mint Fatale

The Pretty Dress Company Fatale love continues today with a brand new Spring shade, bright mint!  This perfect pencil dress has a color for every occasion, and today it's a hue to match our grand cityscape background, where the seafoam water meets a soft teal sky.  A glamour girl is not your average boardwalk pedestrian!  A Jayne-like oversized sun hat, marabou feather mules, fluffy curls, and a vintage poodle handbag accompany today's luxe crepe frock.

The Fatale style is my favorite design from The Pretty Dress Company, with endless patterns and shades to choose from!  See the complete range here.

Rachel ♥

Outfit Details:
Vintage gloves & poodle handbag
Unique Vintage sun hat & marabou shoes

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