Monday, May 30, 2016

Good Morning || Lounging with Orchard Corset

After some beauty sleep, it's time for a lazy start to this holiday Monday.  As promised, we're continuing a mini corset series upon request!  Two of the most common questions I receive are, "What corset do you wear under your clothes?," and "How do you hide your corsets so well?"  Well, my secret is the mesh underbust range at Orchard Corset! Today I'm excited to share the new limited edition creamy white CS-411, so perfect for Spring.  Here are just a few of the reasons I love this piece so much:

* mesh cotton material is cool and breathable for hot summer days
* sleek and lightweight
* comfortable and very mobile - perfect for every day and long hours
* cinches dramatically without being restricting
* conceals well under almost any type of clothing
* fresh white shade pairs well with lighter summer colors
* quality - designed with flat and spiral steel bones which do not dig or pinch in any way

For over 2 years now, Orchard Corset has remained one of my ultimate mainstays for ready to wear corsets.  Not only do I love their pieces, but you will not find a better customer service team.  They personally and swiftly help with any questions,  and actually have an entire blog dedicated to anything and everything you might have wondered about corsets and waist training!  Find all the information here:

Orchard Corset
Corsets 101
Mesh Underbust Range
Today's Style :: CS-411 in White

{Secrets in Lace white bullet bra // faux fur stole}

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