Monday, June 13, 2016

Gold Dipped Lace || Formal Gardens with Uncommon Goods

For a gold-dipped lace appliqué tradition dating back the 1700's, I knew all the formal glamour was a must.  As you know through our atelier, I am an avid fan of painstaking art which deserves the utmost respect. . . as in tradition, technique, and beauty that often takes a lifetime to learn how to achieve correctly.  To be a true lover of vintage glamour, one must appreciate the beauty of the old world craftsmen.

Tulianna & Alejandra Garcias from Uncommon Goods use traditional Colombian art forms of the 1500 BC metal silversmith and Lace Appliqué art, introduced to this region in 1492 during the Spanish Colonial times.  The vine gold dipped lace ring is actual antique lace, hand-dipped in .925 sterling silver and 24k gold, recreating every detail into a delicate work of art.  The process is extensive, as pieces of lace are cut and sewn, dipped in the wax to seal them, then in a layer of copper, and finally in 24k gold.  The piece is then hand brushed, and finally brushed with a lacquer for protection.

Tulianna & Alejandra are Columbian immigrants who cherish the customs of their culture.  Just like this rich virtuosity, Uncommon Goods supports passionate artists around the world, and brings back the passion of past eras with designs of beauty and skill.

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  1. i love the dress!



  2. This dress is absolutely stunning, looks so amazing on you too! xo