Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lily Pond || Forest Green Seville

For a backdrop of lily pads, blossoms, gentle waterfalls, greenery, and waterfowl, it's as though the Forest Green Seville Dress by The Pretty Dress Company was made for such a retreat.  With splashes of gold and rose tones layering it's rich pine-colored backdrop, and the classic feminine silhouette you'll remember from my Tropics in Rose Seville post, this beauty is a springtime delight.  Even further so, breathable stretch sateen cotton allows for comfort and a wide range of occasions, even lounging by the pond...

A rich history surrounds the hourglass-shaped Victorian lily pool, as it was built in 1889.  By the 1930's, it had fallen into disrepair, yet landscape architect Alfred Caldwell's passion for preserving it's historic beauty persevered.  In 1938, he cashed in his own $5,000 life insurance policy for $250 and purchased thousands of exotic plants - personally dedicating his life to protecting and maintaining this remarkable oasis.  After a few more challenges and bumps, the lily pond is as vibrant and striking today as it's 1800's origins, with each of Chicago's zestful seasons bringing a completely new setting to life.  If you think Spring is lovely, wait until you see the colors of Fall!  I'll be taking you back...

Avec Amour, 
Rachel x♥x

The Pretty Dress Company Forest Green Seville Hourglass Dress
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  1. Oh my wow that dress is so stunning on you, beautiful photos too! xo

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful dress. I love the colours. Kx

  3. What a magical setting - yes please to photos in the Fall too!