Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mauve || Miss Ladybug Poodle Cardi

It's a 50's kind of spring day. . . filled with colorful homes, picket fences, cat eyes, sun gloves, and one sassy poodle cardi!  Miss Ladybug designs are fun, feminine, sometimes cheeky, and brilliantly intricate vintage-inspired pieces.  In a shade of dusty mauve pink, adorable artwork decorates today's softest knit cardigan.  She paired perfectly for a walk around the historic district neighborhoods, where pastel craftsmens and aromatic blooms are abundant.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love my pretty antique homes!  Chicago's history is full of glamour and refinement. 

Completing the 50's sweater girl aesthetic, is a saucy glam wallet/scarf duo.  These pieces are a special limited edition collaboration with Trophy Queen handbags, and feature a sultry femme fatale cigar hand print.  Pairing them all together made me feel like a classic bombshell!  I'm swooning over everything in the ML shop.

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Website is currently down for maintenance, but you can email to directly order any of today's beauties.  Nana will take good care of you! ;)


  1. i love this outfit!




  2. That cardigan is so cute, love your matching gloves as well! xo

  3. Absolutely stunning! Love your style :-)

  4. Hello, does your husband/you alter your dresses to fit perfectly over your corsets? If possible maybe you can do a blog post about it.. I know I would appreciate it and I am sure others will too! It would be very interesting as well as helpful, especially I havent seen any other bloggers that give examples of how to do it and just the whole process.

    Thank you so much and I really hope you read this since I messaged you on IG and you never answered but I totally understand since youre so busy!

  5. hello, does your husband or you alter your dresses to fit your corseted waist? If possible it would be really nice to see a blog post about it. I feel others will appreciate it, as well as me of course. Especially since I havent seen any other bloggers that have shown some of these steps/secrets as to wear them under your clothes.

    Thank you! I messaged you on IG but yo never answered but I totally understand that youre busy! Have a wonderful day! I really hope that you read this! you're beautiful and a role model in my eyes!