Monday, July 25, 2016

Fifties Kitty || SIL Morning Boudoir

"Are my seams straight?"  Like Maggie in one of my favorite films Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Secrets in Lace makes a girl feel like a 50's bombshell.  The Elegance French Heel stocking is my go-to, and has all the genuine features of a 1950's full fashion stocking.  This hard-to-find style features 15 denier nylon, sewn backseam, stocking welt keyhole, & signature welt imprint.  I love the beige welt and luxurious soft nylon knit.

Equally authentic, is the Secrets in Lace selection of circle stitch bullet bras!  Possibly the most elegant & true to 50's is the Coquette Satin in vintage-inspired ivory or white.  A smooth surface and slight shine create the perfect base for sweaters & sheer blouses... dangerous curves ahead! ;)

 Lola Garter Belt
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  1. Thanks for a great post. You have pulled off such a classic look. I have never tried Secrets in Lace - I have always stuck with What Katie Did. But I think after this post I must give them a try! Kx

  2. You look hot in this vintage outfit,such a stylish outfit.