Friday, July 15, 2016

Girl in the Garden || Floral Painted Handbags

"A world where everything is a little more vivd and vibrant than in our own pragmatic surroundings."  Today I'm introducing yet another talented artist, as you know how much old world craftsmanship means to me.  Woody Ellen is a Belgian painter and illustrator with a passion for bygone eras, a mantra that is dear to my heart.  She creates stunning, vibrant custom paintings on wood panels, and then transfers them onto her handbags and accessories collections.  

Each piece becomes a unique canvas, displaying Woody's imaginative masterpieces.  This kind of wearable custom art is just as it once was, during the days of valued skill and intricacy.  I fell immediately in love with the Honey Bird collection, as a red and pink palette create a nostalgic expression of femininity and elegance.  

Lounging in historic formal gardens, pink duchess satin and a Venetian fan kept me cool on this warm summer day.  These are among the oldest gardens in Chicago, designed and planted in the late 1870's.   

Woody Ellen, a Belgian Artist
Honey Bird handbag collection
The Pretty Dress Company Fatale Satin Pencil Dress

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