Friday, July 22, 2016

#UVxChicagoChic || Glamour Routine Giveaway

We're ending the week with a very special partnership, highlighting my daily glamour routine with 3 of my favorites: Unique Vintage, The Pretty Dress Company, and Besame Cosmetics.  I'm sharing a tiny glimpse into the "behind the scenes" process of getting ready, and even revealing some ways I create a glamorous atmosphere while dolling up!

Another exciting component to this collaboration, is a giveaway courtesy of this glamour trio of brands!  One lucky winner will receive the ultimate pinup package: a $50 gift card to UV, Besame beauty bundle, and The Floral Fatale Sorrento Dress!  Visit the Unique Vintage instagram and be sure to follow along for all the details.

Now, my morning routine...

I like to sleep in my Unique Vintage ivory slip.  It's cool for these hot summer nights, soft and luxurious, and truly the easiest piece to slip on and shuffle off to bed!  In the morning, I add my sparkling beaded capelet for a little extra coverage and a lot of extra glam.

When I first wake up, my hair is either in foam rollers or a scarf preserving a previous curl set.  If the latter is the case, I gently pin my curls up and out of the way for my makeup routine.  Sometimes I re-curl using a barrel curling iron, and keep them pinned throughout the getting ready process.  Adding a sweet bow puts me in an extra feminine mood.

A new favorite beauty brand is Besame Cosmetics.  Not only does their beautiful packaging bring back the opulence of the past, but their lipstick shades are actual true replicas from bygone eras.  Pictured below are Besame Red, Exotic Pink, and Cherry Red.

I play 1930's - 1950's music while doing my makeup.  It's soothing and inspiring for creating my signature look, and immerses me into my own little world of the past - something I always aim to do!

My sweet husband usually brings me a cappuccino or espresso while at my vanity... and on special days, a champagne cocktail. ;)

I complete my beauty look with Besame Rose Delicate Rouge, a concentrated yet weightless vintage-inspired powder blush.

Then I let my curls or pin curls down, brush them out, and style my hair.  Once my makeup and hair are complete, it's time to close the curtains and pick out an outfit for the day.

  Picking out an outfit is not an easy decision when you have so many fabulous pieces from Unique Vintage.... but today I'm going with one of my favorite brands, The Pretty Dress Company.

The China Blue Fatale Dress is the perfect summer choice for a glamour gal... especially the elegant brunch I was on my way to.

Unique Vintage is my go-to for vintage-inspired accessories.  For today's fancy floral, I added a feminine pearl bow belt and the prettiest rhinestone flower earrings.

And I'm on my way!

Avec Amour,
Rachel xxx


  1. I love your morning routine! Do you sleep with a corset on?

  2. The Floral Dress.. Flawless

  3. Oh Rachel, this is amazing!
    Such a glamorous ways to start into the day. <3

    Many hugs,

  4. Very glamorous routine. I also love to play decade-specific music when I get ready for a photo shoot that focuses on a certain era. The dress is also very lovely and Besame Cosmetics is a very lovely brand. Can't wait to see what you post next. :)



  5. Beautifull dress! You look very glamorous!