Monday, August 22, 2016

Pinup LuLaRoe || Animal Inspired

Cat-eyes, poodles, and abstract cheetah print... today I played with a subtle mix of 4-legged inspiration, but I was sure to keep it simple and chic!  LuLaRoe Storm Sisters offers a range of vibrant vintage-inspired clothing with a sleek, stylish vibe.  Creating a fun and distinctive shopping style, the cyber store is presented in the form of a Facebook group, where you can shop from Tuesday - Thursday.  What is also unique about LuLaRoe, is their prints and colors are constantly changing!  So each shopping experience is like a little surprise, with endless possibilities for keeping an array of variety in your wardrobe.

Today's setting is the iconic Palace of Fine Arts, built in 1893 for the renowned World's Columbian Exposition.  Unlike the other mythical-esque buildings of the "White City" which were made to eventually disappear, this was one of the few actually built to last and stand the test of time.  It serves as one of our only remnants of such a grand time in the history of the world, and was converted to a museum in the 1920's.  Her enormous size, milky white facade, and opulent statues create a breathtaking structure and emblem of the legendary Chicago World's Fair.

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Aside from the online world, Pinup LuLaRoe offers pop up opportunities!  While based mainly in the San Diego and surrounding areas, availability extends to Chicago pop-up boutiques as well.  Please feel free to contact Michelle for any pop-up inquiries:


  1. Very beautiful outfit, I love that top and scarf together! x

  2. I've never seen pink and leopard go together in such a classy way. Beautiful <3

    xo Miss Betty Doll

  3. What a beautiful model with gorgeous vintage dresses!